Laser market development scale

In 2019, the global laser cutting machine market was worth US$3.02 billion. The growing trend of automation in the manufacturing industry and the growing demand for end-use industries are expected to increase the demand for these machines during the forecast period.

Increasing globalization has led to huge consumer demand for micron-level final products. In addition, the end-use sector is widely adopting these machines to produce high-quality products in the shortest time. The increasing trend of automation enables manufacturers to automate various processes including laser cutting.

These tools can cut parts and patterns more accurately and with consistent results. Due to the minimum downtime and energy saving requirements, manufacturers are investing in the automation of laser cutting.

Due to fierce competition among manufacturers, major players will focus on reducing the prices of these machines. The existence of many manufacturers enables them to adopt pricing strategies to reduce costs and gain considerable market share. However, the realization of these devices involves high costs, lack of technical expertise and high power consumption, which will challenge the development of the industry.

According to the motion form and motion characteristics, the motion model of the machine tool motion axis can be established through the motion configuration. At the same time, ensure the relative position of each model, and use OIV to read the WRL file function interface to realize the rapid construction of virtual processing scenarios. Combining the characteristics of laser cutting technology, the model making is analyzed, which can effectively ensure the quality of product processing, and laser technology has a broader application market.

Industry analysts in Xinsijie said that in the current industrial processing, the laser processing of sheet metal is mainly thin sheet, and the application demand for equipment of 4KW and below is higher. It is mainly used for products such as metal kitchen utensils, elevator car panels, door and window stainless steel, etc. host. Heavy industries such as aerospace, rail locomotives, and shipbuilding are mainly used for processing thick plates with 4KW or more. The demand in this field is relatively small. Therefore, although the 10,000-watt laser cutting machine industry is currently hot, the actual demand is small, but due to the high-end industry Development, the 10,000-watt laser cutting machine industry still has a prospect for development.

Post time: Oct-15-2021