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With the 50th anniversary this year, and the release of the latest JJ Abrams Star Trek installment this week, “Star Trek Beyond,” I thought we could see some great Star Trek stuff printed out there.From Enterprise Replica, to Warp Core Desk Lamp, to…Star Trek Pizza Knife Holder?There are some incredible prints online to get you excited.
Let’s start with the pizza knife holder.If you’re the proud owner of a Star Trek pizza cutter (I personally own a sonic screwdriver pizza cutter) and you think it’s too pretty to sit in a drawer, fear not!ThePlanetMike on Thingiverse has designed a cool Star Trek logo stand so it can be proudly displayed in any kitchen.
This excellent copy of Enterprise was designed by user Neophyte and is available on Thingiverse.After printing and painting, start some new adventures with your very own Starship (or place it on some shelf, wherever your ship floats).
Heading over to my mini-factory, user Tadeas Hollan uploaded this evil phaser design based on a previous JJ Abrams movie design.Using the spinning barrel set to stun or kill, this print is pretty cool.
Designed to print in modular parts without supports, you can make your own warp cores if you want!Another design by ThePlanetMike, this guy really likes Star Trek.He also designed badges and even Picard’s chair (which can be printed to any scale, just say), so be sure to check it out.
This 3D printed replica visor by DrewSmith007 worn by Levar Burton in Star Trek: The Next Generation is sure to impress.
Australian artist, writer and photographer living in London.I’m an avid cosplayer, addicted to science fiction, video games, and cake.

Post time: Jan-19-2022