Hot Selling Fiber Laser Cutting Machine For Metal

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Precisely cut wood, leather, plastic, glass, and more with the best laser cutters available today.
The best laser cutters are no longer something only big businesses can afford.With prices dropping, manufacturers, creators, agencies, and small businesses everywhere today can consider buying one without breaking the bank.
This means you can take advantage of the laser-level precision of your engraver to cut a wide variety of materials, from leather and wood to glass, plastic and even metal.So whether you’re a hobbyist looking to engrave beautiful calligraphic fonts onto jewelry, or a small business looking to print your logo designs, the best laser cutters can help you a lot.
In this article, you’ll find the best laser cutters available today.We’ll start with the best laser cutters in the US, but if you’re across the pond, jump to the best laser cutters in the UK.
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Material: Various (non-metal) | Engraving area: 400 x 600mm | Power: 50W, 60W, 80W, 100W | Speed: 3600mm/min
As long as you don’t need to cut metal, the Top 10 Upgraded CO2 is the best laser cutter you can buy right now.This powerful machine can cut everything from acrylic and plywood to leather​​​, glass and fabric.It’s compatible with CorelDraw and has a handy USB port that you can use to get your designs onto the machine.
There’s a red light positioning system to make it easier to line up your material accurately, and a suspension system that stops the laser as soon as you open the door.Speaking of doors, the front and rear double doors give you room to carve any length of material.You can see it in action in this video.
Material: Plastic, Wood, Bamboo, Paper, Acrylic, Marble, Glass | Carving Area: 13000 x 900mm | Power: 117W | Speed: 0-60000mm/s
If you don’t mind spending a little money, then get the 130W Reci W4 C02 Laser Tube Engraving & Cutting Machine, which has an engraving area of ​​1300 x 900mm.It is fast and precise, and can handle a variety of non-metallic materials, including glass, paper, bamboo and rubber.
Compatibility is also good, as it supports AutoCAD, CorelDRAW, and a range of file formats.Be mindful of its size; measuring around 72 x 56 x 41 inches, it’s a beast of a machine, so make sure you have enough room for it.
Triumph fiber laser cutters are designed for cutting metals and are ideal for engraving.With high-speed galvanometers, you can cut aluminum, stainless steel, copper, gold and silver without shadows.
It’s not cheap, but the result is a very powerful system capable of cutting work areas up to 200 x 200mm at 9,000mm/sec.The interface is relatively simple to use with a touchscreen, and supports .CAD, .JPG, .PLT, and more.Best of all, it comes pre-installed with software so you can get to work.
Material: Wood, Corrugated Paper, Leather, Fruit, Felt | Carving Area: 10 x 10 cm | Power: 1600mW | Speed: N/A
The LaserPecker L1 Desktop Laser Engraver is a miniature laser cutter that you can place directly on your computer desk.It’s also portable enough to take with you if you want to do some creative work outside the home.
Simply connect the engraver to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and you can transfer your designs to wood, felt and corrugated, and other lightweight materials.You can even carve fruit, if that’s your thing.Also includes a pair of safety goggles.
Material: Various (non-metal) | Engraving area: 400 x 600mm | Power: 50W, 60W, 80W, 100W | Speed: 3600mm/min
As long as you don’t need to cut metal, the Ten High Plus CO2 is our pick for the best laser cutting in the UK.Thanks to a handy USB port, it’s easy to drop projects onto this machine, which can cut at 3600mm per minute on a 400 x 600mm cutting board.
On this platform, you can cut all kinds of materials: acrylic, plywood, MDF, leather, wood, bi-color board, glass, cloth, bamboo, paper and many more.The red light positioning system makes the cut easy to align, while the cooling system keeps everything safe.
The Orion Motor Tech 40W is a versatile laser cutter for hobbyists.Like most of the models on our list, it’s available in a variety of materials, but not metals.
There’s a decent sized 300x200mm surface with clips to hold the cut material in place, and a leveling plate that lets you handle larger objects.The red dot pointer indicates the sculpt point and path to help you ensure you get the correct position and scale of your object.
You can easily move this laser cutter using four detachable wheels.Finally, while this machine does come with software, it’s really not worth bothering with, and we recommend downloading the k40 Whisper and Inkscape.
Material: Various materials such as metal | Engraving area: 20 x 20cm | Power: 30W | Speed: 700 cm/s
The Orion Motor Tech 30W Fiber Laser Engraver is a versatile machine that can process metal, rubber, leather, and more.It is equipped with an ultra-precise Raycus laser that guarantees up to 100,000 hours of use.Attach a rotation axis (not included) to sculpt wine glasses, cups, bowls and other round objects.If you’re looking to start an Etsy shop with a wide variety of engraved gifts, this machine will be well worth the business investment.
A laser cutter is a device that creates patterns, shapes, and designs on materials such as wood, glass, paper, metal, and plastic by cutting materials with a high-powered laser.The precision of the laser enables clean cuts and smooth surfaces.Laser cutting has been used in large-scale manufacturing for decades, but recently laser cutters have become more affordable and increasingly used by hobbyists, schools, and small businesses.
There are mainly three types of laser cutting machines.CO2 laser cutters use electrically stimulated CO2 and are typically used for cutting, drilling, and engraving.This is the most used laser cutter for hobbyists and manufacturers.The crystal laser cutting machine uses nd:YVO and nd:YAG with high power and can cut thicker materials.Fiber laser cutting machines use glass fibers and can process both metallic and non-metallic materials.
In our opinion, the best laser cutter you can buy today is the Ten High Upgraded CO2 Laser Cutter.Suitable for engraving on most non-metallic materials, including acrylic, plywood, MDF, leather, wood, bicolor, glass, cloth, bamboo and paper.You can cut any length of material.There is a red light positioning system to help you carefully line up your materials.It connects to your laptop via USB and is compatible with CorelDRAW design software (not included).
Some materials should never be cut with a laser cutter.These include PVC vinyl, leather or faux leather, and ABS polymer, commonly used in 3D pens and 3D printers.Both release chlorine gas when cutting.You also shouldn’t laser cut Styrofoam, Polypropylene Foam, or HDPE (a plastic used to make milk bottles) because they can all catch fire.There are many other materials that shouldn’t be laser cut, so be sure to read the instructions carefully.
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