Global and China Industrial Laser Market Report 2021

DUBLIN, June 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Global and China Industrial Laser Industry Report 2020-2026 report has been added to’s offering.As one of the most advanced manufacturing and processing technologies in the world, laser technology has been widely used in industrial production, communications, information processing, medical beauty, 3D sensing, military, cultural education and scientific research.
With the continuous improvement of the domestic economic situation, my country’s laser industry is booming.In recent years, my country has increased the development of the laser industry. Under the leadership of the government, all localities have concentrated their efforts on scientific research, technological upgrading, market development, and jointly built laser industrial parks with laser companies.
In 2019, the market size of China’s laser processing equipment reached 65.8 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of 21.4% from 2012 to 2019.In the medium and long term, laser processing (laser cutting and welding) will penetrate into more application scenarios (3C, power battery, photovoltaic, etc.).my country’s laser processing market will maintain a high-speed growth trend for a long time, with huge potential.In application scenarios, laser cutting is gradually replacing traditional machine tools, and by virtue of its non-contact with objects, zero wear of cutting heads, fast cutting speed, strong adaptability and flexibility, it can improve processing efficiency, reduce processing costs, and enhance workpiece quality. .Common laser processing equipment includes: laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser marking machine, laser drilling machine, laser cladding equipment, etc.Laser cutting is the most important application area of ​​laser processing.Sales of laser cutting machines (fiber + CO2) in China increased from 2,700 units in 2013 to 41,000 units in 2019.From the perspective of market size, the scale of China’s laser cutting market in 2019 was 25.8 billion yuan, accounting for 39% of the laser equipment market in the Chinese market.Of these, 19% came from laser marking and 12% from laser welding.From the perspective of the competitive landscape, the concentration of laser processing equipment in my country is relatively low.In 2019, there were more than 150 domestic laser companies with an annual income of more than 20 million yuan, of which more than half were concentrated in laser processing and laser-related fields.In 2019, the revenue of Han’s Laser laser processing equipment was 7.64 billion yuan, with a market share of 12.6%; the revenue of HGTECH laser processing equipment was 1.723 billion yuan, with a market share of 2.8%.Laser is the core optical element of laser equipment.Rapid growth in the downstream equipment market drives the demand for lasers.In 2019, the overall market size of China’s industrial lasers (including laser amplifiers) reached 26.1 billion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of 18.1% from 2015 to 2019.According to the gain medium, lasers can be divided into solid-state lasers (including all-solid-state lasers).state lasers, fiber lasers, hybrid lasers and semiconductor lasers), gas lasers, liquid lasers, etc.Solid-state lasers (generally referred to as all-solid-state lasers in a narrow sense) and fiber lasers are the two mainstream lasers currently on the market, with market shares of 30.1% and 44.4% respectively in 2019.
In recent years, industrial lasers have been rapidly localized, and prices have continued to decline.Taking fiber lasers as an example, in 2019, the localization rates of low, medium and high power fiber lasers in my country reached 98.81%, 57.76% and 55.56% respectively.Correspondingly, the price of fiber lasers at all power levels has plummeted in the past 10 years.In 2012, the average price of 3000W fiber lasers in China was 1.5 million yuan.Compared with the relatively fragmented market structure of laser equipment, the market is highly concentrated.In 2019, CR3 (IPG, Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser, Maxphotonics Laser) accounted for nearly 80% of the fiber laser market, of which IPG was far ahead with a 41.9% share.
The market share of domestic laser companies is on the rise.From 2017 to 2019, IPG’s market share decreased year by year, from 53% to 42%.In contrast, the market share of Wuhan Raycus fiber laser technology jumped from 12% to 24%, and the market share of Maxphotonics increased from 10% to 12%.The Global and China Industrial Laser Industry Report 2020-2026 focuses on the following:
Main topics covered: 1. Industrial Laser Industry Overview 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Classification 1.3 Technology Status 1.4 Industry Chain2.Status Quo of Global Industrial Laser Industry 2.1 Laser Industry 2.1.1 Market Scale 2.1.2 Industrial Pattern 2.2 Industrial Laser Market Scale and Structure 2.3 Application Status 2.3.1 Material Processing 2.3.2 Laser Micro-processing 2.3.3 Marking Machine 2.4 Competitive Landscape 2. 5 Trend 3.Status quo of China’s industrial laser industry 3.1 Development environment 3.1.1 Policy environment 3.1.2 Industrial environment 3.2 Market size 3.3 Market structure 3.4 Competition pattern 3.5 Market price 3.6 Trend 4.Industrial Laser Market Segments4.1 CO2 Laser4.2 Solid State Laser 4.3 Fiber Laser 4.4 Others 4.4.1 Semiconductor Laser 4.4.2 Picosecond Laser 4.4.3 Ultraviolet Laser 4.4.4 Ultrafast Laser 5.Upstream industry 5.1 Gain medium 5.1.1 Carbon dioxide 5.1.2 Optical fiber 5.1.3 Crystal material 5.2 Pump source 6.Laser Processing Equipment Market 6.1 Market Size 6.2 Key Enterprises 6.2.1 Global 6.2.2 China 6.3 Market Segments 6.3.1 Laser Cutting Equipment 6.3.2 Laser Welding Equipment 6.3.3 Laser Marking Equipment 6.4 Application Fields7.Major foreign industrial laser manufacturers Shang 8.1 Han’s Laser 8.2 HGTECH 8.3 Daheng New Era 8.4 Suzhou Tianhong Laser 8.5 Wuhan Gold Laser 8.6 SIASUN 8.7 Maxphotonics Laser 8.8 Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technology 8.9 Wuhan Tonggo Laser Technology.8.10 Shenzhen JPT Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. 8.11 Inno Laser Technology Co., Ltd. 8.12 Others 8.12.1 ZKZM 8.12.2 Beijing Jike Laser Technology 8.12.3 Xi’an Zhongmeiman Laser Technology 8.12.4 Tianyuan Laser Technology

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