10 Best Laser Engravers and Laser Cutters of 2022

If you’re new to the engraving world, you might be wondering what exactly a laser engraver is.In short, these powerful devices allow you to burn or etch designs, images, patterns or letters and numbers onto surfaces.Items such as jewelry, belts, electronics or medals are just some of the common items that often have text or designs inscribed.
Whether you’re a hobbyist with a passion for creating unique designs, or a professional creating custom items for consumers, a laser engraver can take your work to the next level.While laser engravers have historically been expensive and unavailable to everyday consumers, there is now a range of affordable machines available to just about anyone.
This guide will provide an overview of the best laser engravers on the market.We’ll start with our top picks roundup, then an overview of how these machines work, then an overview of what to look for before buying, and our top 10 favorites list.
Laser engravers use a laser beam to etch patterns, images, letters, etc. onto the surface of flat or 3D objects.Depending on the type, these machines can engrave a range of different materials, such as:
While all laser engravers vary in scope, size, and specifications, a typical device consists of a frame, laser generator, laser head, CNC controller, laser power supply, laser tube, lens, mirror, and other air filters System composition.
Laser engravers work using computerized motor controls.Designs are typically initiated or created through software on a computer or application and then transferred to the engraving machine.
As it works, a laser beam on the machine is reflected by its mirrors and focused down to a specific area, creating the etched design.During this process, heat and smoke are generated, which is why some machines have built-in cooling fans.Engraving can be as simple or detailed as you like, but it’s best to find a machine designed for the type of work you want.
Hobbyists who want to design on a variety of objects such as watches, mugs, pens, woodworking or other material surfaces can use a laser engraver.They can also be used on an industrial scale to make toys, watches, packaging, medical technology, architectural models, automobiles, jewelry, packaging design, and more.
Most of the laser engravers on our list are for the everyday hobbyist or amateur engraver who wants to use the machine for personal use.These machines are perfect for making gifts, art or custom everyday items.
Whether you’re looking for an engraving machine for personal or professional use, here are some of the first things to consider.
Prices for laser engravers and cutters range from $150 to $10,000; however, the machines covered in our list range from $180 to $3,000.The good news is that you don’t need to spend a lot of cash to get a high-quality machine.If you’re an amateur artist or beginner engraver, you’ll be happy to know that some of the machines on our list are high quality and budget friendly.
If you are new to engraving machines, it is worth knowing that some engraving machines have more than one function.While many machines only perform engraving and cutting functions, some are also capable of 3D printing.
Others, such as the Titoe 2-in-1, offer both laser-based and CNC router-based engravers.So, depending on your needs, check out what other features the machine has to offer before buying.This can also have an impact in terms of price.
Another consideration when buying a laser engraver is how much space you are using.For example, are you looking for a machine that fits on a desk, or do you have a dedicated room with a large workspace?Also, will you be dealing with small or large objects?
As you’ll see in our list, each machine has a different engraving size.Usually, the higher the size, the more it pushes the price point (but not always).
So, before you buy any used machine, evaluate your size requirements.It also depends on the type of material you use.Be sure to check product specs beforehand, as you may end up with a machine that’s too big or too small for your purposes.
This is obvious, but you also need to consider what materials will be used.Will you mainly carve wood?Metal?Or mixed materials?Many machines will engrave metallic and non-metallic materials, but it’s worth checking what it can handle before buying.The last thing you want to do is take the time to set up your machine, only to find that it doesn’t work with the material of your choice.
For laser engravers and cutters, software compatibility is very important.For example, depending on your skill level and experience, you may want to find a machine that is compatible with your own design software.Alternatively, some machines come with software pre-installed, which means all your work will be done using the platform.So if you have specific programs you want to use, be sure to check if the machine can accommodate them.
Other compatibility to consider is whether the machine works on Windows or Mac, and whether it is controlled by an app via Bluetooth.
In addition to the basic considerations above, there are a few other things to look out for when choosing the right engraving and cutting machine.
Weight considerations come down to how much space you have to accommodate the machine.A 113-pound machine like the Glowforge Plus won’t do you any favors if you’re going to put it on a small, delicate desk.On the other hand, the 10-pound Atomstack Rose is easier to carry and handle.Therefore, it is important to evaluate the weight before purchasing.
Are you good at assembling mechanical things?If so, then you probably won’t shy away from a laser machine that requires some nuts and bolts to assemble.However, if you’re new and don’t like spending an hour or two putting the device together, you’re going to need a machine that’s out of the box.Our list below provides a combination of average assembly and plug-and-play options.
Last but not least, you need to consider how easy it is to use this machine.If you are new to carving and using this technique, it is best to choose a beginner.However, if you don’t mind taking the time to understand the ins and outs of a laser engraver, you can also opt for something more sophisticated.Whatever you decide, it’s best to evaluate the machine’s usability and whether you need to spend a few hours reading a manual or tutorial before getting started.
Now that we’ve addressed the considerations and features to look out for when choosing a laser engraver, let’s review the top 10 on the market.
Why we love it: This dual-function 3D printer and engraver produces high-quality work, is easy to use, and can print two objects at the same time.What more could you want?
At the top of our list is this dual-function laser engraver and 3D printer from Bibo.This 2-in-1 machine features a full-color touchscreen and a sturdy frame for easy, high-quality engraving and printing.Their customer service is also reportedly top-notch.
Dual extruders allow you to print two colors and print two objects at the same time.However, the machine can only work on flat surfaces.
The Bibo 3D printer is simple to assemble; detailed printed and video instructions are included with the device.This includes information on how to set up the machine and how to operate and use the program.
Once everything is set up, this machine is easy to use.There may be a bit of a learning curve for someone new to sculpting, but this can be made up for by taking advantage of Bibo’s customer support and detailed instructions.
Why we love it: While this engraver doesn’t work on metal, it makes up for it with little or no assembly.It also has a built-in cooling fan.
The beauty of this laser engraving cutter from OMTech is that it works right out of the box.This powerful machine is also equipped with a red dot guidance system to identify position dimensions during the engraving process.It also has a stabilizer clip for sculpting non-planar objects.
This laser engraver is easy to assemble and works right out of the box!No need to spend hours reading assembly manuals or pulling out a heavy toolbox.
The machine is designed to be used almost immediately, making it easy to use from the start.Its control panel with LCD display also allows you to monitor and adjust laser temperature and power.However, complete beginners may need to familiarize themselves with its various functions.
Why we love it: It may be expensive, but this product doubles as a 3D laser printer and engraver and offers the best quality and precision.No assembly is required either!
Quality accuracy and versatility are the main advantages of this 3D laser printer and engraver.The device is easy to set up and comes with a free app that makes use and assembly simple from the start.It can engrave a variety of materials, including metals; however, it only works on flat objects.
The device is highly automated: with autofocus, automatic print settings and material detection, it’s a great value for money.It also means you can easily and efficiently print or cut to your heart’s content.
Unlike other machines on our list, the Glowforge is easy to set up.It comes with simple online instructions with pre-installed software.All you need to do is connect the printhead, plug it into the machine, and load the application.Tutorials are also available on the Glowforge Community Forum.
For the average person, Glowforge is easy to use.With very few buttons and calibration, the device is ideal for beginners and those with no experience with 3D printers and laser cutters.Printing is as simple as uploading a project, aligning the materials, and hitting “Print.”
However, laser cutting takes some practice, so it’s worth learning how to adjust the settings to get the ideal cut.
Why we like it: As far as laser engravers go, this is a respectable base model that won’t break the bank.It’s also easy to set up and use for someone new to sculpting.
The Ortur is a machine suitable for basic engraving work.It’s easy to set up and has a G-sensor on the motherboard to detect unauthorized movement.While the cut quality is top notch, it can be difficult for highly detailed work.
The Ortur is equipped with a triple safety protection system: if the machine is hit, the USB connection fails or there is no movement from the stepper motor, it automatically shuts down.
While the Ortur does require some assembly, it’s fairly straightforward if the instructions are followed carefully.We recommend supplementing the setup guide with video tutorials that can help you do it all in under 30 minutes.
Laser Master 2 is easy to use and manage once you are familiar with the software and how it works.People with no mechanical experience may struggle at first, but practice makes perfect.
Why we love it: At a lower cost, the Genmitsu CNC is a decent engraving machine at a great value.
Genmitsu CNC is built with sturdy materials and offers great value for money.While assembly can be tricky, the machine performs well and provides decent engraving on both metallic and non-metallic materials.The company also offers excellent customer service and a Facebook support group.
Offline Control: This device allows you to control the CNC router remotely without connecting it to a computer.
Assembly of this machine may take longer than other machines on our list.Those inexperienced may also find assembly challenging and time-consuming.However, this can be made easier by following the illustrated guide and referring to their customer support network for help.
Although Genmitsu is designed for beginners, there can be a learning curve in how to use the CNC controller.However, YouTube tutorials can help you get started quickly.However, once you’re comfortable with the setup, Genmitsu is easy to use.
Why we love it: This compact machine from LaserPecker is easy to maneuver and works right out of the box.

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